Management Consulting

In this ever changing technology world and business challenges, a second opinion is always helpful especially in times when the organization is considering drastic changes be it new markets, new ventures, or new technologies.  We designed our management consulting services into 3 categories:


Project and Program Management

Are you rolling out certain changes and need support in the planning, execution, or evaluation of the changes, we can support you.

Advisory Services

Are you planning new changes, developing new product, or just want to validate an internal or external proposal, we can give you a third party and non-biased informed opinion. We help you with due diligence, fact finding, and validation.

Executive Consulting

When you want to stay up to date on what is going in your business and future trends to help you do proper planning and avoid missing potential opportunity or being left behind by competition, we can assist by keeping you up to date.

Digital Transformation Services

Rapid technological and consumer evolution is pushing enterprises to be more intuitive, agile, and transparent and this cannot be achieved without endorsing a holistic digital transformation at all levels of the enterprise.

Digitalization is changing business models, processes, and their supporting technologies with customer experience and expectations in mind. The changes touch upon

  • Business models
  • Operational models
  • Customer touchpoints

Professional Services

From building a world-class Telecommunication network  or need an urgent and quick smart hands support  to establishing  a physical or virtual presence in Japan we can help you. Our professional services  are designed with  "there is always a way" in mind. We are small and agile, no legacy solutions to impose on you, and we never commit if we cannot deliver.

IT Professional Services

Our IT professional services cover 3 main areas:

  • IT infrastructure and Network optimization
  • IT Asset management
  • IT readiness check through audit and penetration tests.

Financial Industry Services

We tailored special services for the financial industry, specifically for non-resident traders to cover

  • JPX Colocation support: Colocation services and smart hands
  • Infrastructure as a service to address Permanent Establishment issues
  • Agent services for customers who need a local agent or representative in Japan