In this ever changing technology world and business challenges, a second opinion is always helpful especially in times when the organization is considering drastic changes be it new markets, new ventures, or new technologies.  We designed our management consulting services into 3 categories:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Advisory Services
  • Corroborative Management Consulting

Project and Program Management

What we do is facilitate the execution of approved projects. Once management decide to roll out a project, be it a Kaizen exercise, training, development of new service, or expansion to a different market, we facilitate the executions.

Our services cover, but not limited to,

  • Innovation and idea management
  • Project management
  • Training management
  • Due diligence and fact finding
  • Accompagnement and liaison

Advisory Services

Our customers trust us to review with them and give an un-biased and honest opinion, and sometimes recommendations, on  some of their projects or proposals they get from partners, vendors, and customers.

We also provide due diligence and fact finding needed when establishing new relationship, acquisition, and market expansion.

Below are few cases where we got engaged by customers:

Validation of a  proposal for a new ERP system development

Open a new liaison office in Bahrain

Management and Review of a global RFP

Executive Consulting

It became almost impossible to keep up to date with the rapid developing technologies and regulations, our customers contract with us to sit with them and their executive team periodically, and when needed,  to share new trends and new development on technology and regulations that, directly or indirectly,  relate and impact their business.

We cover all trends in the cloud, telecommunications, security, Risk management, Blockchain, RegTeh, IT resources, and regulations.

Usually these update sessions are followed with brainstorming time on how these trends or development can impact their business and how they prepare for it.

Below are few cases we covered with customers:

Business opportunity in Drone technology

Pro's and Con's of cloud migration

Blockchain and future opportunities

HFT registration and risks