Rapid technological and consumer evolution is pushing enterprises to be more intuitive, agile, and transparent and this cannot be achieved without endorsing a holistic digital transformation at all levels of the enterprise.

Digitalization is changing business models, processes, and their supporting technologies with customer experience and expectations in mind. The changes touch upon

  • Business models
  • Operational models
  • Customer touch-points

Scope of engagement

By engaging us, we help you

  • Understand everything about the buzz of Digital Transformation and why you have to worry about it
  • Understand what in it for you
  • Do a maturity assessment
  • Draw your action plan: People awareness, case study, core team
  • Carry out an in-depth assessment of organizations, operations, and technologies
  • Draft a roadmap and an execution strategy

A full suite of Robot Process Automation Services

RPA Strategy

Develop RPA strategy, taking into consideration specific objectives, governance, IT infrastructure, security, culture and change management protocols.

Process Evaluation

Evaluate and identify processes suitable for automation; support the standardization of identified processes.

Infrastructure Validation

Assess and evaluate readiness of IT infrastructure and data structure; evaluate suitability of automation-software options.

Center of Excellence (COE) Design

Develop the design of an effective COE structure and related governance model to enable a stable and governed RPA function.

Proof of Concept

Perform pilot execution of RPA offerings and develop business case necessary to obtain stakeholder buy-in and support.

BOT Development

Configure sustainable RPA environment and develop, test and implement bots to achieve targeted benefits.