IT Professional Services

From building a world-class Telecommunication network  or need an urgent and quick smart hands support  to establishing  a physical or virtual presence in Japan we can help you. We provide our professional services  with  "there is always a way" in mind. We are small and agile, we go the extra mile,  no legacy solutions to impose on you, and we never commit if we cannot deliver.

We  cover 3 major  areas in the IT services

IT optimization

IT optimization

In a fast moving world of technology and never ending demand for cheap, reliable, and fast solutions, IT managers' every day challenge is how to keep their infrastructure optimal, competitive, secure, and in line with the organization strategy and ambitions. It is natural that some of the IT components, be it a process, application, or asset get overlooked and in many cases forgotten. This impact the whole IT performance and may open doors for all kinds of risks to the organization.

What we offer in our IT Optimization service is a regular " IT Health" check to the whole, or part, of the IT. We usually look at:

  • Processes
  • Assets: Both hardware and software
  • Spending

In almost every case we find out the following

  • Processes are not optimized and not updated to meet the organization structure and policies
  • A good amount of assets are not accounted for, or not being used, not being updated to meet contractual and/or compliance policies
  • The company  is bleeding money on old contracts, un-necessary assets, licenses, duplicated data lines,  and maintenance.

Our recommendations always

  • Saved cost
  • Prevented risk
  • Improved performance
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IT Asset Management

Are you experiencing IT proliferation in your organization? Most of our customers to whom we talked, do. We can help you get thinks better and under control.

When IT assets - hardware, application, processes- are growing rapidly to meet business “urgent” needs and/or changes, they end up less manageable and non-controllable by IT managers. You end up seeing more exceptions, and gradually exceptions become the standard in the IT organization. When an IT asset is tagged with exception or a “special case”, it goes under the radar of any attempt to manage and control and gradually you end up with half of your IT asset unaccounted for, putting your organization to all kind of risks: Financial risk (paying for services you do not use), operation risk (using an EoL tools), regulatory risks (not paying for expired versions), etc… This is what we call IT proliferation.

What we do is, first, start with a snapshot of your IT assets to list what you have. You will be surprised how different it is from what you thought you have!!

we help you do your due diligence and create a clean snapshot of your IT assets: hardware, applications, processes, contracts, etc…

We do this over 3 phases:

  • Fact finding: we use out tools (or yours if available) to account for all assets, within the agreed upon scope of assessment, and draft a clean snapshot of what is available both live and off line assets, contracts, and processes
  • Compare against existing data bases (most companies keep different data bases at different business unit: IT, accounting, purchasing, and sometimes legal)
  • Optimization: In this phase we give our recommendation on what to remove, revise, upgrade, etc.


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IT Security

Needless to say that IT security is, maybe,  what is keeping every IT manager awake. You still can deal with a slow application, Virus, or corrupted files, but it is a nightmare when you wake up to a DoS (Denial of Service) call. 

Security equally  touches every aspect in the organization and impact everyone: A security breach can be because of a process (negligence), outdated application (out of date patches) or hardware (not sophisticated enough firewall),  and can impact all facet of your business: Sales, development, and of course legal risks.

What we offer is a penetration test run regularly by professionals followed by a report and recommendation. We believe, the best way to test your strength is to play the game, and that is what we do: we simulate an attack to see how vulnerable is your organization and recommend  how to improve it.


Financial Industry Services

We tailored special services for the financial industry, specifically for non-resident traders to cover

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Colocation Support

We designed our smart hands services to address our customers' needs to smoothly run their trading systems in Japan without any physical presence of IT support staff. Main challenges that remote traders face are short-notice requests and support during off-business hours and holidays

We offer support from simple status check to complex installations and provide all the support you require to keep your system running, namely:

Smart Hands:
Rack and stack,       Cabling,       Hardware swap
Shipping/receiving,     Hardware scraping

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Plug and Trade

We developed Plug & Trade ® services to address a unique need by offshore traders. According to Japanese regulations, which is in line with OECD guidelines, if you own or lease hardware, it is considered as Permanent establishment and it is considered as if you have a physical presence in the country. To overcome this, we provide platform as a service, where traders do not lease hardware in the colocation space, rather use our platform and pay for our service. We make sure to develop the platform that meets your trading requirements in terms of resiliency, speed, and latency.

All you need is to connect to our platform, upload your algorithm, connect to data feed provider,  connect to your broker  or brokers, and start trading  on the Japanese market.

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Agent Services

To help customers carry their business in Japan, we provide agent services to liaise locally with their counterparts, be it a vendor, regulatory agency, or customer.

These services are very helpful if you want to keep or expand your business without the hassles of complicated and expensive investment required to open and run an office until your business is solid.

Of particular interest is our agency services to capital market participants who remotely trade on Japan market and are now required to report on their trading activities to local financial authorities. The newly amended law requires High Speed Traders to register their trading activity starting from April 1, 2018.

Although it is not necessary to establish an office in Japan, a representative or agent is required to liaise with the financial services authorities in Japan. To help our customers smoothly keep their business running in this important market, we launched the agent services to handle the registration and the ongoing reporting to  the financial authorities.